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The Non-Fungible Token

What is an NFT? Why invest in NFT's? How to invest in NFT's?

NFT Course

What are NFT's?

Module 1 of the NFT course provides an introduction to the NFT space, explaining what they are and their importance. This module also focuses on explaining the technology behind NFT's, exploring blockchain technology and how it is interconnected with cryptocurrency. Students are introduced to terms such as the Metaverse, De-Fi, decentralization, WEB 3.0, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency mining.

Real World Applications for NFT's

Building off the fundamentals taught in Module 1, this module discusses the real-world applications for NFTs. Students are introduced to the different utilities Non-Fungible Tokens offer their owners. The module guides students through 8 examples of the utility that comes with owning an NFT. Next, students learn more about the future possibilities of the NFT space, including potential uses of the technology and government regulations.

Safety and Security of Cryptocurrencies and NFT's

Module 3 explains the safety concerns of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Students are taught the 9 main scams that are prevalent in the space. Students are also guided through setting up online cryptocurrency wallets, and are provided an introduction to minting and selling NFTs. To finish the lesson, students learn the 6 tips on becoming successful in the cryptocurrency and NFT space.

Researching NFTs

Researching NFTs is a very crucial part to understanding the right projects to invest in. Therefore, Module 4 covers everything students need to know in order to gain a basic grasp of identifying trends and innovations within the NFT space. Students are introduced to 4 tactics that can help them succeed in their research efforts.

Jobs within the NFT Space

To complete the course, students are introduced to the unique job opportunities that are available in the NFT space.